Monday, April 6, 2009

fair warning

I have given myself one more day of frenzied preparation before calling it quits. One more day of phone calls, errands, rushrushrushrushrush, then I get to sit back and enjoy the ride, knowing that no matter what, Rob and I will be married by this time Saturday evening. And we have a place to go that night. And no, I'm not telling you where! Yeehaw!

I have friends and family coming from near and far (so far that I'm humbled and honored and delighted they even THOUGHT of coming, much less acted on that thought) in the next few days. And here is the thing: I love pleasing people. I love making people feel regarded and cherished. I will not be able to do that to my liking this week for more than a very special few. It drives me nuts, but it's reality.

If you are coming with expectations of me or my time, I'm deeply sorry. My reality is that I'm going to be too busy to coordinate overlap with almost anyone other than the family I'm marrying into. Of the expectations (yours?) and reality (mine), only one can really change. I'm trying to make peace with my limitations, and expressing them is one of the ways I can do that.

I will not be able to spread myself so thin that I do not enjoy our wedding and the party fun-time that goes around it. Because I am protecting my heart and time in this way, I think Rob will really benefit from enjoying his bride. The rest of you should probably get tickets to the Brew Fest. We might run into you there!


T said...

i love reality. i love you too.

Anonymous said...

You said it. I did the same thing. I had one contact, not me,that answered any questions that people had. I am so excited for you. The other thing I recommend is to take the number of guests that you have and divide that by the hours you have. I didn't do this and thought I could see everyone without a receiving line. I didn't realize how quickly time flies.

Andrea said...

Way to play it lady! Good for you! This is going to be such an amazing day..I am so thrilled for you. :)
Love you!!

Carrie Peeples said...

Good thing you said all that because I was beginning to wonder if I should even tell you we are arriving Friday night. But now I won't worry about running into you at any other than than the wedding/reception. Which reminds me, I should probably dig out the invite so where I know where to be and when. Can't wait to see you tie the knot!! Still weird in some ways that you are marrying Rob, who I've known for a super long time. SO happy for you!!!

jenty said...

darn, i was hoping we could have a slumber party every night until saturday.