Thursday, June 18, 2009

this is why it takes so long, momica... and just think, i only paid the man in chips!

From an email exchange with RJ, wedding photographer:
Here's the deal.
All of the photos exist in uncompressed RAW format in an Adobe Lightroom Library at work. I've exported them all as screen-res JPGs to your BPLStaff folder.

Then I went in and deleted the crappy ones - crappy in that they were either way out of focus or way over or underexposed and thus not salvageable. I still have them, if you want them, but they suck.

What you see are photos that:
1. Have NOT been color corrected.
2. Have NOT been white balance corrected.
3. Have NOT been exposure corrected.
4. Have NOT had zits, freckles, boogers, mosquitoes, sneeze aerosol, or anybody's body fat photoshopped out.

OK, I know you're not wanting me to do #4 to your photos (but I'm happy to try, I was pretty successful with some donuts previously), but #1 and #2 are important. I've attached two photos that show why you want this done, especially if you are going to print them or post them proudly on the web somewhere. If you post these JPG's they WILL LOOK CRAPPY. These are composition proofs.

OK, so you're asking yourself, "Now what?"
1. First, keep the chip supply up.
2. Second, burn the JPGs to a CD or DVD at work, and look at them at home with Rob. Take a little time to pick your RRLs.
3. Third, select the ones you really, really like (the RRLs) and copy those to a new CD and give that CD back to me. These should be ones that you'll print, or are just really proud of for online distribution. I must have the photos. No filenames.

Then, I will:
1. Correct white balance, color, exposure, and sharpening one by one on the RRLs and export them as high-res JPGs.
2. Run the rest through one of my mass filters that does something similar, but not as fine tuned. They will look much better than the originals and will be fine for online distribution.

A: I love that you speak my language. Will do.
And what if I DO want fat Photoshopped out? What then?
R: Uhh,'ll have to point it out, exactly where it is, because I don't see ANY on your photos...

Whew, close one.
Uncorrected photo:

Corrected photo:


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Becky said...

looks like you got your christmas photo ready already!!