Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what we've been up to these days

Guess which part of dinner Blake liked best?

T-ball in the backyard with Mase-dog.

Tragedy befalls Smigadoon's ice cream sandwich.

We attended a GI Joe birthday party with face painting and more. I want Michelle to throw MY birthday party!

About a cup and a half of one week's worth of rug and three months of car. SICK.

The stages of our new table/desk, except for a "before" shot. Doh! Upper left: sanded and stained. Upper right: waxed/polished. Lower left: reassembled post buffing and reinforcement. Lower right: staged and prettyfied!

My flowers. I couldn't help myself. I might end up dragging them all in the garage if/when the temps dip, but it will be WORTH IT. Just look at all that lovely color! Mostly green, but there will be color soon.

Our new red chair that fits in our wee little space to show that a pretty chair fits in the wee little space.

Dining room, rearranged with the chandelier reswagged. The giant computer armoire has been replaced by a mirror for a much lighter look.

The print over the bed (thanks to KNA), some of the new pillows in place, just gotta swap out the coverlet for something lighter because I sleep with the hottest man in the world.

No, seriously. He's a cooker and it's incredibly wonderful in the winter to warm my feet. Otherwise DON'T TOUCH ME, it's sweaty!


Lindsey K said...

Beautiful. I love what you've done with the place.....no really it looks so good. How are you functioning without your computer nok though???
I told Chad I thought it sounded fun to refurbish old furniture. His reply was "you mean spend time and money making someone else's junk furniture look better?" I guess he doesn't think it is as cool as we do!

Jody McComas said...

It looks amazing! Good work.

Grammie Perrine said...

Very Better Homes and Garden-y and PURTY!

lanerdoo said...

I wish it had looked that good when i lived there! I love the red chair and everything you've done. It really does look so much more inviting! Good work sister.

Unknown said...

That red chair looks familiar...

Reese said...

You guys have done an awesome job "staging" your cozy little condo. It lives much bigger now with all the changes. Who helped you? She must be very smart and stylish...and beautiful. ;)