Sunday, July 11, 2010

have you seen my phone?

Blake woke us up this morning a little before 9:00, and we all got ready for church. I have a new playpen thingy for the nursery to either a) better contain the wild ones who try to escape the moment your back is turned or b) protect the tiniest babies from the aforementioned wild ones who tend to throw toys indiscriminately. Blake had his tithe in a little baggie and was excited about finally being there to give it. He was also hoping there would be a time during corporate prayer that he could stand up and tell everyone he'd asked Jesus into his heart and was a child of God. I was looking forward to church with the whole family for the first time in over a month, as we've either been gone or Rob's stayed home with Blake for a World Cup game and house-cleaning.

We got there to a surprisingly full parking lot/street at 10:25, and as we pulled up to the door, I looked down the hall and it was dead empty. No greeters, no friends filtering into the sanctuary (that's really a gym because we meet in a school).

"OH CRAP. Church starts at 9:30 during the summer!"

Rob didn't even come to a full stop. We continued through the roundabout and went home to change into shorts and tennis shoes, then went on a walk up South Cottonwood. I was in full micro-mode, finding wildflowers known and unknown, discovering tiny snails in their cinnamon-roll-shaped shells, and enjoying Blake telling us how stron he was for being on a hike and using his muscles because he didn't need us to carry him.

For someone who takes pride in being on top of things - being hip and with it - I can be remarkably absent-minded.

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