Sunday, July 11, 2010

a great way to spend a lazy sunday

I finally edited a smattering (fewer than 10%) of wedding photos from only two of the contributing photographers. One was paid in potato chips, the other in undying gratitude. Some, from other photogs, are saved on another computer. Some haven't been sent to me (I'm looking at YOU, Esther!). Either way, I think we can agree: it was a ton of fun.

Reliving that day through my friends' eyes has been a reminder to me of all the people who made our wedding possible, from the food all given as gifts to the beer schlepped over from Billings to the wine made affordable via shared discount. And that's just what we ATE. The set up, the tear down, the clean up: everything was given for the love and joy of an event that many prayed for (on both Rob's and my sides) for many years.

Yikes, it's almost midnight. Now wonder I'm getting all nostalgic and misty. Night-night! Hope you like. Click to the Picasa album to see the pics full-size and read the captions without being rushed. I'm new to the whole Picasa thing!


Momica said...

Oh thanks Addie, What a wonderful trip down memory lane. Marriage -hmm what a terrific institution God uses to teach you about yourself and LIFE. We celebrate with you and Rob!!!

Matt said...

Love these pictures! You guys are awesome. I'm so happy for you three!

Grammie Perrine said...

I "stole" some of your pix with Lane, Bing and Maddox. This is a wonderful wedding album. The love is evident in every photo. How blessed you are, darling girl.

Gailzee said...

This made me cry! Of course your witty captions were absolutely perfect! I love everyone and every picture! This was an incredibly happy time for all of us! Thanks for staying up late and sharing these with us...awaiting Part II!