Thursday, June 30, 2011

doing better, but still not a great "waiter"

I wrote yesterday's post just before I went to work, where calling people and probably crying would have been incredibly distracting and inappropriate. I also wasn't feeling quite myself, mostly disoriented.

After a few hours of trying to work, I went home with a fuzzy, echo-y head and in a light sweat. I promptly passed out in bed for three hours and woke up with a slight fever. Rob fed me and we spent the evening cuddled on the couch, watching movies. I then slept until 10:00 this morning.

Something's off, I've called my doctor though I'm not in pain, and through the counsel of a dear woman who has been in this wretched place, I'm asking for the surgical method (called dilation and curettage, or D&C) to end the waiting game. Thank you for your calls and texts and visits with flowers and beer. There are people out there who know me alarmingly well!

My heart is better today, but I'm aware of how quickly I can swing from "fine" to "emotional wreck," so I'll try to blog less in the extremes. It will help us all feel better and help me feel less bipolar.


T said...

i'm loving you from near near near...and blogging during the extremes is the best. it's the only times i do it!

Gailzee said...

What I'm loving right now... darling niece is being stretched and refined and is taking the heat
as she becomes the woman of God that He has intended
...that she has a precious husband to share the journey with and that relationship is becoming more and more meaningful in so many ways
...that there is a beautiful boy named Blake in the midst of all of this who is the gift that was given to ease the heartache of loss
...that there are so many friends that do care and pray and that encourage with compassion and kind words
...finally, the blessed family that you have around you, that understands you and bleeds with you and binds you up with prayer and wants all good things for you and trusts God's divine wisdom for you.
...yep I'm loving that